Canada Family Visa

Canada Family Visa

Canada knows the importance of a family and is also committed to the reunification of the family, and thus allows its people and the permanent residents to get together with their families via Canada Family Visa.

What is a Canadian family Visa?

The family visa for Canada is another way of sponsoring your family for migrating to Canada as a permanent resident. With the help of this category, all the family members are capable of reuniting their loved ones to Canada. In other words, the family visa for Canada helps your family members to be the permanent residents of Canada. These family members could be anyone like your parents, your children, your spouse, or any adopted children. 

This, in turn, means that all your relatives can stay, work and also study in Canada after they get their PR visa to Canada. You can sponsor the family members or relatives via this family visa program for your permanent residency status in Canada. The CIC i.e., Citizenship and Immigration Canada, has a limited visa system known as a Family Visa as a part of their immigration programs. The citizens of Canada or the permanent residents at minimum 18 years of age have the right to support the below members of their family:

  • Grandchildren 
  • Grandparents
  • Conjugal partner, Common-law partner, Spouse
  • Children dependent on parents
  • Dependent parents
  • Siblings
  • Grandchildren
  • Grandparents
  • Other relatives like orphaned nephew or niece

Benefits of Canada Family Visa 

With the help of the Canada family Visa from India, the citizens of Canada and the permanent residents of Canada are given a lot of categories for sponsoring their family members:

  • Visa sponsored for the family
  • The provincial nominee visa based on family
  • The Super visa for parent or grandparent
  • The dependent visa
  • The spouse visa, common-law partner visa or the Conjugal Partner Visa

Each category does have its own set of expectations that somehow the applicant must meet in order for the CIC to appropriately approve the family sponsorship visa application. 

The sponsors must have:

  • Send the invitation letter to family members whom they are sponsoring.
  • Demonstrate the ability to financially supporting their family members who are sponsored during the initial living period.
  • Signing the agreement which confirms that they would understand the mutual responsibilities and the obligations.
  • Sign the undertaking which promises to provide the basic needs of your family members, which they have been sponsoring.

The Super Visa for the Grandparents and Parents

The Sponsorship Program for Parents and Grandparents is minimal. Interested families must file an online application form to show their interest in registering. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) select 10,000 of all these forms in a sort of annual lottery and also invites the selected ones to apply.

To compensate for the program's limited size, IRCC gives Parents and the Grandparents for Super Visa. This is a multi-entry visa which can be extended for up to ten years, which enables your parents or the grandparents to stay in Canada on their initial visit for up to two years. For all your parents or the grandparents to qualify for a Super Visa, you must be the permanent resident or a citizen of Canada.

Unlike with the Parents and the Grandparent's Sponsorship Program, the Parents and the Grandparent' Super Visa would not lead their parents to the permanent resident status.

Accompanying the Family

You might be capable of bringing your family with you whether you relocate to Canada on the temporary permit, like the study permit or the work permit.

Temporary Workers

You are entitled to have the spouse and the dependent children follow you to Canada if you accept a legitimate job offer from any Canadian employer and then apply for the work permit.

If your kids are in school, they would be able to attend the Canadian educational institutions without having to have separate study permits. Your spouse or the partner may also be eligible to apply for the open work permit, enabling him or her to work for any Canadian employer.

The International Students

If you're admitted into the Canadian program, you might include your spouse and the dependent kids based on the study permit application. As with the temporary workers, accompanying spouses of the international students could apply for an open work visa, and their dependent child can go to school in Canada.

What does the sponsorship entail?

You are the primary applicant who promises to take care of the well-being of your family member as a sponsor for the Canadian family sponsorship visa. Economic prosperity also requires this. If the family member has to seek government financial support for any cause, you must be responsible to pay the money back to the Government of Canada.

The Spousal Sponsorships

It is necessary to show in the Canadian family sponsorship visas that a spousal partner is migrating to Canada due to your desire to live and working in the country. You would, therefore, have to prove your partnership with your spouse, common-law partner, or the marital partner to be true. You will show evidence of the genuine relationship with the spousal partner through a marriage certificate or the below documentation:

  • Frequent communication like phone calls, emails, and letters
  • Images of your partners and yourself
  • The joint agreements like the bank accounts or the lease agreement

Partnerships with same-sex

Underneath the Canadian family sponsorship program, the partners with same-sex are eligible for sponsorship as long as the marriage has been officially recognized throughout the country where it happened. This involves partnerships of the same sex within or outside Canada. You have to provide reports to Citizenship and Immigration Canada on whether or not your same-sex marriage has been legally recognized, and when and where this happened.

The Eligibility Criteria

Canada's governing authorities are lenient whenever it comes to moving to Canada with family members and offer liberal eligibility. Let us understand the particular immigration for various family members such as grandparents, parents, children, or spouses.

The eligibility criteria for the dependent child

  • Must be less than 22 years of age and should not have a common-law partner or the spouse
  • If more than 22 years of age, you need to satisfy the below-mentioned conditions: 
    • Must be engaged in a full-time course
    • Must be dependent financially on the parents before 22 years of age
  • If the child common-law partner or a spouse before they turn 22, they must
    • be engaged in any full-time course
    • They must be dependent financially on the parents since they become the spouse or the common-law partner.
  • If children are more than 22 years, he or she must be dependent financially on the parents because of the mental and physical conditions.

The eligibility criteria for your spouse

Canada's government accepts another individual to be the spouse or the common-law partner if that person is been living with you for at least a year. The coolest part is there is no need to request a separate spousal Canada visa family information form.

Advantages of Family Visa in Canada

There are various advantages of the family visa for Canada. Those include:

  • Quality of education- Canada offers top quality of education in addition to a good quality of life. It means one can provide your children with good knowledge when you sponsor them in the Canada Family visa. It further suggests that your children would surely have a bright future in Canada.
  • Affordable- Whether you're a permanent resident or perhaps a tourist, staying in Canada isn't so expensive. Because Canada is rated to be number one in the standard of living, hence you can also have a good quality of life at a low cost.
  • Good quality of life- Canada is said to serve you and your family with a better quality of life. The family visa would help you in serving good quality of life to all your dear ones too.
  • Safe as well as healthy communities- Since Canada is rated number one in quality life, in comparison with other nations, there are fewer safety concerns. Being a visitor, you would be treated in the same way as being viewed as a Canadian citizen. Sponsoring your family, therefore, means providing your family with a safe and also a stable atmosphere.
  • The Multicultural society- You will have the quietest and most inclusive community in Canada. Canadian people are sincere, and you won't feel awkward with them. There are also plenty of multicultural groups and immigrant associations. So, you'll easily find ethnic food from diverse cultures.

Final Thoughts

If you are involved in a Canada Family Visa from India, Program, please contact Visa Mount if you are looking to learn more about the documentation and the other immigration procedure. Visa Mount is the growing Immigration consultancy having a large and also a dedicated team of professionals that offer trouble-free services to their applicants through different immigration programs. 

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