Canada Quebec Skilled Worker Program

Canada Quebec Skilled Worker Program

The Canada Quebec, Skilled Worker program is specially designed for identifying the immigration candidates who are likely to become an economically established region. Skilled laborer applicants who want to live in Montreal or another city or area within the province of Quebec are classified under a framework other than applicants who wish to reside elsewhere in Canada.

Skilled workers or the foreign graduates in the Quebec that apply to immigrate to Quebec under what the Quebec government calls its' Daily Skilled Worker Program,' also known as the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP), or PEQ.     

About the Canada Quebec Skilled Worker Program

The Quebec, skilled worker program is an application process for the skilled workers looking to become the permanent residents of Canada and living in Quebec. The Quebec, skilled worker program has an exclusive agreement on immigration with the Canadian government. The region has its own rules to choose the immigrants that would adapt well to the living there.

For your immigration to Canada under the Quebec skilled worker program, one should apply in the below two steps:

  • Apply to Quebec Government for the Quebec Selection Certificate, where the region of Quebec would assess you with its own rules. Also, the certificate shows that the Quebec regions have accepted you as a migrant.
  • If the Quebec region chooses and gives you a CSQ, you need to apply to the immigration, the refugees, and the Canadian citizenship for permanent residency in Canada. 

All the above instructions are for the applicants for their permanent residency.

The Eligibility Criteria for the Canada Quebec Skilled Worker Program

One can apply for the Quebec selected worker if 

  • you hold the Quebec selection certificate from the Quebec Government
  • submit the complete permanent residence application that includes the police certificates

How can one apply for the Canada Quebec Skilled Worker Program?

To apply for the Canada Quebec Skilled Worker Program, there are three crucial steps. Read on to find out which are they:

  • Get the package application
  • Pay the application fees
  • Submitting the application

Get the package application once the Quebec region selects you:

  • Get an application package that has the guide which helps you in filling the forms in a correct way
  • And the forms you are required to fill

Answer all the questions accurately. You tend to face any serious consequences if you happen to misrepresent yourself or hide any information in the application.

1) Pay the application fees

Most of the cases include 

  • the processing of payments on the application
  • Right of permanent residence fee
  • the biometrics
  • the third-party fees

All you need to do is pay the fees online.

The bio-metrics fees

In many cases, you are required to pay the biometrics fee whenever applying. In some cases, you might experience some delays. The biometrics fee also covers the cost of collecting fingerprints and digital photos. 

Once you pay the biometrics fee with the completed application, you would be receiving the confirmation letter that you are required to give the biometrics. Then, you must produce this letter whenever you provide the biometrics. Biometrics is required to be given in person, and hence you need to book your appointment for taking the take advantage of service.

The third-party fees

Based on the situation, you are required to pay the third parties for: 

  • Educational credential assessment
  • Police certificates
  • Medical examinations

There is also an instruction guide available, which helps people in understanding which fees apply to you and also show you how to pay them.

2) Submitting the application

Always see to that you do not forget anything. If anything is missed: 

  • your application won’t be complete
  • it would be sent back without processing 
  • you are then required to fix the errors and then resubmit it

What happens after you apply?

Once you apply to visit Canada as the Quebec selected skilled worker, you need to do the following:

1) Get the fingerprints

If your age lies between 14 and 79, then you are required to produce your fingerprints and biometrics for each application of the permanent residency you apply. 

  • You are also required to pay the biometrics fee during the submission of your application. On the other hand, you ought to experience the delays.
  • Get this done once you receive the letter which asks you to submit the biometrics
  • Once you receive the message, you have 30 days with you.

2) Process your application

Once you apply, the IRCC would check the following: 

  • Whether you have properly filled the application form and have signed the same
  • You have paid the processing fees
  • Whether you have submitted all the necessary documents

If you happen to forget or leave something, your application would not be processed and would be sent back to you. Once your application is complete, you would be directed to the next steps.

3) The processing times

The processing time applies to the IRCC processing the application. It doesn’t include the time taken for a province of Quebec for processing the selection certificate of Quebec. If you are asked to update any of your information, then avoid delays in the same. Those include:

  • Change in your telephone number, your address, any contact information or your email address
  • Any death or birth in your family
  • Any divorce or marriage or any adoptions in the family

4) Various causes of the process delays

There are many causes for a delay in any application. Your application might be delayed if:

  • Your information needs verification from our part
  • There exist any security or any criminal problems
  • Any background checks are necessary
  • If we have not got a clear idea about your family situation like issues about your child custody or any divorce or adoption isn’t complete.
  • You need to submit any other documents 

5) The medical examinations

You are required to go through a medical exam before you visit Canada. All your family members should go through the medical exam even though they are not accompanying you to Canada.

Your application would not get accepted if:

  • Your health is dangerous to the safety of public health of Canadians
  • The police certificates

If you have any criminal records and you are not allowed to visit Canada. Also, the people who pose a risk to the security of Canada aren’t allowed to visit Canada. For immigration to Canada, all your family members who are above 18 years or older should provide the police certificates whenever asked to submit during the application process. 

6) Verification of your information

If you aren’t truthful in the application for the permanent residency in Canada,

  • Your application might get rejected
  • They might find you inadmissible
  • They can even bar you from applying for PR to Canada for up to 5 years

7) The final decision on the application

The authorities make a final decision based on:

  • Whether you are eligible for a program
  • If you have any fund for supporting yourself and the family whenever you visit Canada
  • The results of the medical examination
  • The information on the police certificate

If the application is approved: 

Once the authorities approve your application, you would receive:

  • Confirmation of the Permanent Residence
  • The permanent resident visa

Your acceptance of the permanent residence would have all your information and photographs about who you are. I hope the article helps you to understand everything about Canada Quebec Skilled Worker Program. Stay tuned to get more information about immigration to Canada.