Federal Skilled Worker Program

Federal Skilled Worker Program

Canada has been a trustworthy destination for India's skilled experts and professionals seeking high living standards and some excellent job options abroad. Therefore, nothing is more magnificent than the Indian settlement in Canada with the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

So, how do you continue your process of settling as a skilled person in Canada? The first step is to arrive in Canada by getting the residency visa named a Canada PR visa which allows you for working and living anywhere in Canada. You can also apply for Canadian citizenship in the midst of spending a few transitional years on the PR status.

What is a Federal Skilled Workers Program?

The FSWP i.e., Federal Skilled Workers Program, is amongst the federal economic immigration programs that are well managed by any express entry program. To apply for the Canada PR Visa is Canada's leading immigration program for the eligible immigrants across the world. The Federal Skilled Workers program is designed for qualified workers with professional experience abroad who would like to move permanently to Canada.

Let us see what an express entry program is. 

The Express Entry program

The express entry program provides Canada's federal government to invite skilled immigrants to apply for the PR Visa for Canada. The point-based system implemented in the year 2015; maintains the profiles of the immigrants those have enrolled underneath the three primary methods of Canada's economic immigration:

  • FSWP – Federal Skilled Workers Program 
  • FSTP – Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • CEC – Canadian Experience Class

Using the CRS i.e., Comprehensive Ranking System, all profiles of aforementioned approved candidates were ranked throughout the Express Pool, where they are all submitted simultaneously. Invitation to Apply (ITA) for the application of Canada PR Visa to Immigration, the Refugee & the Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is given to all the high ranked profiles in an Express Pool.

The candidates are required to produce the application to the IRCC along with a set of all the documents within 60 days once they receive the ITA.

Various advantages of FSWP

The key benefit of a Federal Skilled Worker Program Canada (FSWP) for the application process of the Canada PR Visa is shown below: 

  • If an applicant is qualified for the Federal Skilled Workers program, they don't need the Canadian connection. If an applicant is capable to fulfill the program's minimum requirements, applying for the Canada PR Visa via this program is indeed an excellent choice for the candidates residing out of Canada.
  • It is also an immigration program with both the highest percentage of ITAs given.

But there's also a possible disadvantage; as if the applicant is qualified under this system, they're not sure they're going to obtain an ITA. For this, the minimum CRS score necessary for the PR Visa for Canada must be met. 

The Eligibility Criteria for any FSWP

In order for any applicant to have been eligible to apply for a PR Visa via any FSWP - Federal Skilled Worker Program Canada, the below basic requirements must be met:

  • Work Experience - Candidates should have minimum one year regular and full-time work experience for ten years in the skilled job listed under the NOC skill form 0, A, or B.
  • Proficiency in Language - The applicant must achieve minimum Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level 7 or the IELTS score of 6 for each band in every skill (read, write, speak and listen) under this element.
  • Education - Candidates must complete their Canadian diploma in high school or any equivalent education. The Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) is required for knowledge obtained outside Canada.
  • The Settlement Funds - Applicants are asked to show their funds proof which the candidates have ample funds for supporting themselves for moving to Canada.
  • The candidates should also score at least 67 points in the Canada Federal Skilled Workers program points grid.

 Once the applicant completes the above criteria, they will be able to create an expression profile throughout the Express entry system. Having a request sent in the express pool doesn't guarantee that the applicant will obtain the ITA. For that, they should clear cut-off on the CRS ranking.

The Canada Express Entry Points Calculator 2020

Candidates will score a minimum of 67 points out of a total 100 on the FSWP's point grid before developing an express profile. The PR points in Canada are given in the point system, depending on the below selection factors:

  • Maximum 10 points for adaptability
  • Maximum 10 points for arranged employment
  • The Maximum 12 points for age
  • Maximum 15 points for work experience
  • The Maximum 25 points for education
  • Maximum 28 points for proficiency in the language

Unless the candidate scores 67 points or more, they are capable of proving their profiles in the Federal Skilled Workers program 2020. Whether a required Canadian PR points are not scored, they can increase their scores by the below factors:

  • Improving your language skills 
  • Pursuing your higher education qualifications namely certificate course, a diploma course or a degree course
  • Have a job offer from Canada

Calculate the Canada PR Points to moving from India to Canada using the modified Federal Skilled Workers program 2020.

The steps involved in the application process for the Canada PR Visa via FSWP

Follow the simple steps mentioned below to apply for the Canadian PR Visa from India by 2020:

  • The Eligibility: See to that the candidates meet all the requirements for the PR Visa of Canada via FSWP i.e., Canada Federal Skilled Workers Program.
  • Provide all the necessary documents: For creating the express profile, the candidates are required to produce the following documents: 
    • Your id proof, for example, passport.
    • Results of your IELTS test
    • The ECA certificate
  • Create the express profile: The candidates are required for submitting their credentials along with creating the express entry profiles
  • Getting an ITA: If the applicant passes the cut-off on the CRS ranking, they will receive an ITA. After 60 days of receiving ITA, they must apply with the correct list of documents for Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
  • Improved CRS Score: If the applicant is unable to meet a minimum requirement of the CRS score, they should focus on factors that they can enhance so that their CRS score may be improved.
  • A complete PCC and a medical checkup: With an application, the candidates are required to submit their medical certificate along with the police clearance certificates.
  • Review of application: The immigration officer should review the Canada PR Visa application and let the applicant know if additional detail is needed.
  • Receiving the CoPR: After the successful assessment of the application, the candidates would be issued the CoPR i.e., the Confirmation of Permanent Resident.
  • Getting the Canada PR: After the candidates receive the CoPR, they can further apply for the PR card.

The Processing time required for the Federal Skilled Worker Program

The IRCC seeks to receive a suitable application by the Federal Skilled Workers program 2020 for Canada Family Visa to process within 6-8 months of submission of the application. The processing time of the application depends on whether the applicant received the correct information and the appropriate documentation to support credentials. We may be asked to submit the documentation again, or the application may be rejected. This is why any potential immigrant must employ an accomplished immigration specialist with a team of experts in the documentation.