Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme

Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme

The Hong kong Qmas Visa is the quota-based Scheme for the entrants, especially meant for the skilled people those are wishing to stay in Hong Kong for exploring the various business or employment opportunities. For securing entry in Hongkong under the QMAS scheme, you should satisfy some necessary pre-requisites, clear the points test, and then complete the allocation quota with the other applicants.


Under the Hongkong Qmas visa scheme, a total of 1,000 applicants each year are admitted to Hongkong. The selected applicants can also be accompanied by their spouse or their unmarried children dependent on yourself. Those are 18 years of age to Hongkong under a Dependent Qmas visa for Hongkong schemes.

The below guide explains to you all the details regarding the Hongkong QMAS eligibility criteria, the application procedure, the timeline processing, and all the other relevant information. For information on the available Hong kong Qmas Visa schemes, then do refer to this Hong Kong Visa Guide.

The Eligibility Requirements for the Hong Kong QMAS Visa for

Foreign citizens except for the citizens of countries like Vietnam, Nepal, Korea, Laos, Cuba, Cambodia, Albania, Afghanistan can apply to the QMAS i.e., Quality Migrant Admission Scheme. 

All the applicants should fulfill the below pre-requisites:

  • Age criteria for the applicant – The applicant should be a minimum of 18 years in age or above 18 years of age during the application process.
  • The Financial Requirement: The applicant should be able to demonstrate your capability of accommodating and supporting along with all those who are dependent on you financially without relying on the public Assistance within Hongkong.
  • Good character – The applicant should not hold the criminal record or any other documents that are detrimental in Hongkong or at some other place.
  • Language proficiency – The applicant must be well proficient either in English or in the Chinese language.
  • Your necessary educational details – The applicant should possess a proper educational background. The candidate should preferably hold an undergraduate degree from either the tertiary educational institute or from the recognized university. Under these particular circumstances, or in the absence of the above degrees, documentary evidence of the proper technical qualification with relevant professional abilities, experience and achievements would be considered.

The applicants satisfying the above pre-requisites should also pass the point-based test i.e., the Achievement points test or the General point test.

  • Under the General point test, there exists a 5 point scoring factor that relates to the professional qualifications, academic qualifications, age, work experience, family background, and language proficiency. The applicant should score at least 80 marks out of the maximum of the 165 points.
  • Achievement based point test is for individuals with exceptional skills or talent who have some outstanding performances. There exist only the one points scoring factor of the 165 points under the achievement-based point test that would be awarded if: 
      • The applicant has received the award of the exceptional performance i.e., the national awards, international awards, Nobel prize, Olympic medal, etc. or
      • The applicant can also show that all your work is acknowledged by all your peers or has contributed to the development of the field.

The Required Documents Hong kong Qmas Visa

  • The complete application form filled either in Chinese or in the English version.
  • A copy of all personal and particulars pages of the applicant's passport. If the applicant is staying in Hongkong, then you need to show your passport copy that contains all the latest arrival stamps or extensions of the stay label in Hongkong. 
  • The copy of the applicant’s identity card of the People’s Republic of China if there is any.
  • Completed dependent visa application form with some supporting documents for accompanying all the family members is conditional on you. 
  • The copy of the proof of the personal net worth like the bank certificates, bank statements, the valuation report which shown the current market value of the real estate, the statement which shows the current market value of the investments, the latest audited of the financial statement of your business, the shareholding percentage in the business, the statement of the creditor which show the total amount of the personal debt, etc. 

Few More Points

  • The copy of the proof giving details about the applicant’s proficiency in English or Chinese like the results of the recognized language tests.
  • Copy of the proof of all your academic qualifications like the transcripts of the academic records, the graduation certificates, etc.
  • The copy of the professional qualifications, membership certificates, training, etc.
  • A copy of the proof giving details about your work experience like the employment reference letter or the employment contract etc. the official company registration document that shows your position in your business or the client reference letters etc..
  • The evidence copy of the prime career accomplishments and further plans in Hongkong.

All the documents that are submitted should be either in Chinese or in English by the certified translation body. All the migration authorities reserve the rights for demanding further documents whenever required.

Application Timeline and Procedure

After the application form and supporting, documents are prepared, applicants can submit the documents either personally or send them to the Department of Hong Kong Immigration. Upon receipt of your application by the authorities, your confirmation would be sent to you in a week.

The Immigration Authorities shall conduct the selection exercise on the allocation of quotas every quarter. During the selection, you would be ranked as per the scores you have earned, depending on the points test and then meeting the pre-requisite requirements.

Faculty with high ranks are to be summarized as an additional assessment in which the available quota is allocated for each selection exercise to consider factors such as Hong Kong's socio-economic needs and the other relevant factors.

The result of the allocation of quotas would be published on the website of the Immigration Department in 15 days of the results of an exercise. The annual allowance shall be standing for 1,000 entrants. When you are assigned a quota throughout a selection exercise, you will receive the approval-in-principle letter.

The Principle of Approval requires you to enter Hong Kong with a visiting visa in order to attend an interview personally and to send all documents submitted to the Immigration Department during the request for verification. 

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The interview is not necessary for dependants. Therefore, you are required to send your letter of consent from your existing work unit or the competent Mainland authorities where your records are kept, if you are resident in Mainland China (including those currently residing in Hong Kong or Macau on a provisional basis).

You would receive a copy of this particular letter of consent with the message of approval. After all the statements or the information submitted during the application are satisfied by the immigration authorities, you will receive formal approval. You and your dependents are granted a visa/entry permit under the Scheme in Hong Kong within one week after formal authorization. For 1 year, the majority of visas issued under this Scheme remain valid.

You can, before coming to Hong Kong under the Scheme, obtain an exit permit for traveling to and from Hong Kong and then MACAU (EEP) along with the corresponding exit approval if you are a Mainland citizen (including those that now live temporarily in Hong Kong and Macau).

The EEP and the above-mentioned exit approval for entry in Hong Kong for an overseas Chinese nationals holding a PRC and obtaining a permanent residency in the Overseas Country or having resided in the Overseas Countries for at least one year immediately before filing a request are not required. "Overseas" includes the Mainland, Hong Kong, Macau, and other areas outside it.

The renewal of QMAs - Hong kong QMAS visa for nurses

The QMAS visas are generally valid for one year. You must file a renewal application at least four weeks before your stay term expires if you are wishing to extend your stay time in Hong Kong. Your renewal application is accepted only when you meet the following criteria: You must show that you have taken steps to settle down in Hong Kong by obtaining a salaried job or setting up a business in one year for persons admitted under the general points examination.

Under the discretion of the immigration authorities, if you cannot show that you have taken these steps a one-year extension may be granted if it is considered appropriate. For people accepted by the Scheme to test their accomplishments, you must be able, without relying on government assistance in Hong Kong, to demonstrate that you can help and accommodate your dependent alone.

The Dependent Visa for the Family in Hongkong - Hong kong QMAS visa status

Applicants are eligible to transport their family members (spouse and child-employed dependents under the age of 18 to Hong Kong) to Hong Kong with them following this work permit scheme. To this end, each family member shall be required to file a dependent visa application. The period of stay of dependents is linked to the duration of the applicant's stay in Hong Kong. Visa holders may take up a job or study, as applicable. Check for Hong kong Qmas Visa status online to know more about the Hong kong Qmas visa.

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