Australia Skilled Workers

Australia is indeed the country of hope for those who want to live in Australia. Overseas applicants are not only attracted by the country for the holistic climate, weather, and tourist destination, but also to stay, work, and develop a career in Australia. Skilled immigration into Australia provides immigrants with great opportunities to step up their career goals. Australia offers your growth a better environment and employment opportunities.

Australia Skilled Workers

Each year Australia offers many opportunities for skilled workers working overseas. Because of labor market shortages, Australia always looks out for highly Australia skilled workers. With a diverse and welcoming culture, Australia offers a high quality of life. With ample job opportunities as well as the lots of facilities available in Australia, any Australia skilled worker can start their new life.

If you are searching for any skilled migration in Australia under the Australia Skilled workers category, there have been three main categories of the same. 

1) The Skilled Independent Visa -189

Visa 189 allows the applicant to reside and work indefinitely in Australia. The 189 visa requires no sponsorship by the employer, family, or state. The applicant can apply separately for 189 visas.

This is an individual permanent visa, which means that in order to apply for this visa, you do not need any job offer, nomination, or sponsorship. The visa can be applied for. This visa allowed permanent living and working in Australia.

2) The Skilled Nominated Visa -190

Visa 190 is indeed a state nomination visa required by a state or the territory of Australia to be nominated. Under the Visa 190, there are various state nomination programs, you must select a particular country you are looking to apply for, but from that appropriate state, you need to get the nomination. You'll get an extra 5 points on the Australia point grid system for state nomination.

3) Skilled Regional Nominated Visa – 489

Visa 489 is a 4-year temporary visa, where the applicants must receive the nomination from a particular region in Australia. A candidate should stay and work in a specific area of Australia for which he/she has been nominated. You will receive ten additional points on the Australia point grid system for the regional nomination.

4) Skilled Work Regional Visa Subclass 491

This is the latest addition to Australia's list of qualified visas by the subclass. This is indeed a regional visa intended for those people who wish to work and live in Australia for up to five years. However, if you have stayed in Australia on this visa for three years, you can also upgrade this visa to a permanent one.

How can one apply for the Australia Skilled Workers visa?

The Immigration Policy of Australia works on the point-based system, and you need to score a minimum of 60 out of 100 points for getting eligible to apply for the Australia PR. The points have been assigned as a sum of your English language skills, work experience, education, age, and some other factors. Even though 60 points are the minimum points to be applied but scoring more than 75 points raises your chances of receiving the invitation from the DIBP according to the latest updates.

Second, the applicant's occupation must be identified in Australia's Occupancy Demand list. If you apply for an independent 189 skilled visa, your trade should be listed in the MLTSSL list. Your occupation should be listed in the STSOL or the MLTSSL for the Skilled Nominated Visa 190, and the profession should be identified in the Local Occupancy Demand List for the Regional Visa 489.

Steps for getting the Australia Skilled Worker visa

  1. It would help if you scored good marks in the English language (IELTS / PTE ACADEMIC).
  2. Occupancy must be mentioned on the relevant list of the qualified job demands in Australia 
  3. You should score a minimum of 65 immigration points on various factors, including language ability, work experience, educational qualification, age, and other factors. 
  4. Get the assessment of skills from the authorized body of Government.
  5. Submit the Expression of Interest (EOI) after the positive competency assessments.
  6. While applying for the approved visa, the nomination should be received from a given state or the region.
  7. Wait for the Australian Government's Invitation to Apply (ITA).
  8. You must apply for the PR Visa from Australia within 60 days.

The Australia Skilled Workers Conditions

A successful applicant will be granted a multiple entry visa for living and working in Australia for five years. You only need to spend 2 of the five years in Australia to have the visa reissued for another five years. Alternatively, you can stay in Australia for four consecutive years and be eligible for citizenship.

Nevertheless, if you choose not to gain citizenship, you must apply for a Resident Return Visa to travel to and from Australia before the initial one expires. To meet the requirements for this, you must prove that you have been legally residing in Australia for two years or that you have significant personal, cultural, or business ties with Australia.

Complete the online assessment for determining if you can qualify as the highly skilled migrant to the Australian Skilled-Independent Visa (subclass 189).

The Eligibility Requirements for Australia Skilled Workers Visa

  • AGE:- You must be 45 before applying 
  • English:- You should have appropriate English skills to work in Australia (at least at a competent level) 
  • Nominated occupation:- Before applying, you must choose a professional job that fits your skills and qualifications 
  • Skills assessment:- Before applying, you must have your skills tested by the Australia authorship evaluation team.
  • Health assessment:- You must have reasonably good health, and all the candidates should have a panel doctor assessing their fitness and undergo the medical examination.

Important things to remember

Each year qualified professionals make use of the above criteria to legally enter into Australia. The Foreign citizens having this visa entering Australia must apply the expression of interest to Australia in the Skill Select.

Skill Select is indeed the Australia Immigration online tool used for countering the Skill Shortage problems. The Australian Government determines the number of graduates, immigrants under the different categories, and the total number of immigrants who can reach Australia through the simplified processes.